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Company Profile


IP-COM is a leading global supplier of networking products aimed at the Small to Medium Business environment, all IP-COM devices are designed in the US and manufactured in China, resulting in high quality affordable products. IP-COM offer total Networking solutions for Small & Medium Sized enterprises, hotels, hospitals, schools and similar institutions. IP-COM products include Indoor and Outdoor WiFi Access Points, PoE Switches, Routers and network control systems. Since its establishment, IP-COM has achieved strong annual growth, especially in the Chinese home market. Now IP-COM is listed as the 'most famous brand' in China and is one of the 'top 10 potential' IT companies in china. IP-COM has 1 Factory, 3 R&D offices and 5 Oversea Sales offices totaling 2500 staff worldwide.

Research & Development

IP-COM has an innovative R&D team, with 1 R&D office in the US and 2 offices in China, totalling 400 Engineers. IP-COM re-invests over 30% of its profit into product development each year and uses the world A-Class Agile system for and testing and quality control to ensure the highest standards. IP-COM and its team members commit themselves to providing innovative and reliable products to meet customers needs.


IP-COM's  factory is based in China, with 150 QC Team and 1500 workers. The factory is verified by ISO9001:2000 and uses the world top ERP system(SAP) to manage the daily work flow. 13 High Speed SMT lines and 13 Assembly Lines ensure the daily capacity up to 120,000pcs of various networking products.


IP-COM form close partnerships with their suppliers, especially for Main chipsets, IP-COM have a strategic partnership with Broadcom Corporation (Nasdaq: BRCM), a global leader in semiconductor solutions for wired and wireless communications. Most of our Access Points, Switches and Routers are based on Broadcom chipsets.

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