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Improve the performance of your network throughput with features such as load-balancing, bandwidth management, and VLAN support.

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Gigabit Load-Balancing Router


5-Port Gigabit 4 WAN Load-Balancing Ethernet Network Router

  • 4 x Gigabit WAN Ports
  • Multi-WAN strategy and load-balancing
  • Supports 3rd-party firmware (OpenWRT/Tomato)
  • ∼ 50Mbps throughput
  • 4-Port VLAN

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Enterprise router / Hotspot controller


300 users / 32 Access Points enterprise router hotspot controller

  • Supports 300 Concurrent Users
  • 5*10\100\1000Mbps network port, 1*USB interface
  • Support maximum 32APs, support configuration automation
  • SMS authentication and other authentication methods

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